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Labour Win as UKIP Challenge Tories

As local council election results are starting to come in across the country; the Conservatives must be wondering who look like 'clowns' - as UKIP have taken two county council local election seats from them following yesterdays voting - 2nd May 2013. The popularity of the independent party is probably due to voters concerns over the widening issue of Europe and possibly voters are now sympathetic to the scare mongering of it's Party Leader, Nigel Farage concerning the immigration controls for the free passage of Romanian and Bulgarian's within EU countries - in particular the UK in 2014. Already a number of councils results are already coming in with many councils continuing to hold their Conservative seats. A new Labour control of South Shields has been announced, following the call for a by-election after it's former MP, David Miliband (brother of Labour leader Ed Miliband ) resigned on the 15th April. The new MP for South Shields is Emma Lewell-Buck. The larg

Churchill replaces Elizabeth Fry on the £5 note

This week Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England , announced Winston Churchill will replace social reformer Elizabeth Fry as the face of £5 notes. This means that, other than the Queen, there will be no women featuring on our English bank notes. An all-male line-up on our banknotes sends out the damaging message that no woman has done anything important enough to appear. This is patently untrue. Not only have numerous women emerged as leading figures in their fields, they have done so against the historic odds stacked against them which denied women a public voice and relegated them to the private sphere - making their emergence into public life all the more impressive and worthy of celebration. For more information on this petition see:

FAS Secrecy News April 2013

From the Federation of American Scientists Includes FBI & Congressional Research reports and DOD Policy on Non-Lethal Weapons FBI TERRORISM INVESTIGATIONS, AND MORE FROM CRS **     DOD POLICY ON NON-LETHAL WEAPONS, AND OTHER NEW DIRECTIVES FBI TERRORISM INVESTIGATIONS, AND MORE FROM CRS "Intelligence activity in the past decades has, all too often, exceeded the restraints on the exercise of governmental power that are imposed by our country's Constitution, laws, and traditions," according to the Congressional Research Service. The CRS, which shuns polemical claims, presents that assertion as a simple statement of fact (although cautiously sourced to the 1976 Church Committee report) in a newly updated report on FBI terrorism investigations. The report reviews the FBI investigative process, the statutory framework within which it operates, and the tools at its disposal, along with oversight considerations for Congress.  See The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Terro

Peace on the up and up

Research into violent crime has seen a 'substantial and dramatic' fall according to research into the levels of crime conducted by the Institute for Economics and Peace. Britain's murder rate fell from 1,255 to 993 per 100,000 people according to a nationwide index on the level of crime and in particular the low existence of it. Areas that have been recognized highly as the areas where violent crime has least are to be found in Norfolk ; Hertfordshire and  South Cambridgeshire - with Broadland in Norfolk topping the research poll on crime reduction nationwide. The Institute research found that the fall over the last decade of homicide in the UK now at its lowest level since 1978; roughly equivalent to that of the Western European average. Unfortunately it is significantly higher in terms of violent crime than the EU average. It is believed changes in Police practice and technological advances such as CCTV; an aging population, the fall in alcohol consumption,  and th

Camp Frack

  Camp Frack 2 – 10th, 11th, 12th May 2013                                       Where: Mere Brow, Nr Tarleton, Lancs PR4 6JX Cicero Lounge has learned of Camp Frack 2, which will be taking place at Mere Brow, near Tarleton in Lancashire in opposition to the proposed Fracking in the area. A weekend of activity in opposition to Fracking and other forms of Extreme Energy – as well as in support of the fight against unemployment, austerity and the growing threat of Climate Change. Includes Live Music, Films, Children's Entertainment, Poetry, Audio Visual Installations, Local Produce, Renewable Energy Solutions, Beer Tent, Debates, Discussions, Networking, Protest March! Registration Help us out by showing your support, and registering your interest and attendance at our event. Please complete the registration page. Camping There are ample level pitches for overnight camping at £12 per pitch for the weekend  including admission to all events. Usual family campsite rules apply (